Nathan Zelenock


Nathan Zelenock is from Jacksonville, Florida. He currently serves as the VDC Technologist at Miller Electric Company, harnessing the latest construction technology to coordinate projects. Backed by an impressive nine-year career at Miller Electric Company, he excels in utilizing cutting-edge construction technology to orchestrate projects and is fueled by a commitment to innovation. His primary focus is on sourcing user-friendly software solutions to optimize VDC to Fabrication processes. Employing a mission to amplify talent and provide exceptional value through technology, he contributes to Miller Electric Company’s ongoing success. Beyond his professional achievements, his dedication to advancing construction technology is paralleled by his role as a family man, embodying the harmony between personal values and technological progress. He leverages software development methodologies to create efficient solutions aligned with the organization’s objectives, enhances business processes and user experiences, and ensures end-users are proficient in their utilization—all while staying attuned to emerging trends and technologies to ensure the organization’s continuous growth and success.