Zack Scott


Zack Scott is a highly experienced professional in the electrical industry, currently serving as Vice President of the Special Project Group (SPG) and Innovation Electrical Manufacturing (IEM) at Christenson Electric. With 22 years in the electrical industry, Zack began his career as an Inside Electrical Apprentice in 2002 and has since progressed through various roles, including Journeyman Electrician, General Foreman, Project Manager/Estimator, and Division Manager.

Zack’s expertise spans diverse projects in Healthcare, Industrial and Green Field Commercial projects. Holding a Master Electrician License in seven states reflects his commitment to upholding industry standards and regulations across a wide geographic area.

Known for his passion for innovation and dedication to excellence, Zack plays a pivotal role in leading and enhancing the success of Christenson Electric’s projects within the Special Project Group and the field of Innovation Electrical Manufacturing.