Breakout: Revolutionizing Shop Fabrication – How a Cloud Fabrication Management System Enables Complete Shop Visibility

Over the past decade, the industry has witnessed remarkable strides in modeling optimization aimed at increasing the proportion of work conducted through off-site prefabrication. However, this drive towards increased efficiency has brought about its own set of challenges. As modeling techniques have advanced, the industry now grapples with two distinctive bottlenecks that demand attention: 1) the complex task of harmonizing the diverse demands of projects as they converge in a single shop and 2) the crucial issue of recruiting and retaining skilled professionals capable of meeting the heightened demands that accompany escalated levels of prefabrication. In this session, Bryan Armistead, Construction Technology Director at Armistead Mechanical, will discuss how Armistead Mechanical is leveraging technology to revolutionize their shop operations. From enhancing shop visibility across the company to engaging all project stakeholders into a cohesive prefab process, this session promises invaluable insights into overcoming the challenges facing shops today.