David Meade


After many years of studying human behavior and dedicating his career to understanding what makes people ‘tick’, David Meade has become an influential and impactful speaker across the USA and Europe. Through his many leadership and strategic roles in the real estate, hotel and retail sectors, Meade has observed how people in the same role perform at different levels of effectiveness. He took that information back to one of Ireland’s leading universities where he merged his passion for sharing cutting-edge research with his enthusiastic love for performing. This energy has allowed him to wear many hats and titles successfully such as broadcaster, business leader, keynote speaker and master of ceremonies.

Instead of lecturing an audience with his research and business experiences, Meade values a more immersive and interactive approach. He believes attendees are more likely to get a full grasp of the session when they are engaged in the presentation and enjoy the material. This psychology-driven style of delivery has given Meade the chance to interact with corporate audiences from IBM, Harvard University, Citi Bank, Volkswagen, Facebook, British Airways, Apple Inc. and many more. After years of research, he has learned how to make meaningful change happen in his clients. Meade’s goal is to encourage fundamental changes that will leave individuals excited about future opportunities and the direction of their organizations.